Mr Forrest is saddened that most CVs are simply 5 pages of academic, curricular activities and career history. What is sadly missing:

  1. 1.Your strengths and Core Competence which you bring to the company.

  2. 2.Your own achievements in the last 10 years based on your Core Competence and is measured in metric quantitative terms.

  3. 3.Goals in your career.

David believes this is missing because most candidates do not even know their own strength and merely quote their “duties” working, hoping this will sync with the job they have applied for.

For example, how many will confidently state “My goals are in 2 years to lead a sales team to penetrate the pharmacy retail to own 10% of the shelf space for Rose Hip supplement and a sustainable market share to fund further growth in distribution?”

David Forrest conducts a Career and Personal Counseling Course Over 20 hours (10 meetings) to awaken your strength and focus your Core Competence in a career which will return maximum results and happiness.

David Forrest, with 40 years of business management consultancy, will apply his last 15 years of intensive studies of Chinese astrology in Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu to reveal and identify your Core Competence. This is a laser sharp surgical unravelling of your birth date to your Core Competence. You will be amazed with David Forrest’s absolute, definitive character 5-page written report of your Core Competence!

You may attend all the motivational seminars and be energized by the speaker, but unless you know your Core Competence you will never be able to awaken your giant within.

David Forrest is a  no nonsense “guru’ with a powerful grasp of management, people and Chinese astrological destiny studies and brings immense results to keep you Focused for Success.

After your thoroughly researched and discussed coaching with David Forrest, you will have all the armor and ammunition for long term career success, knowing that your 10,000 hours Core Competence training program - personally designed for you by David Forrest - will make you a valuable asset to the company/profession.


In David Forrest’s 20-hour

Career Coaching Course you will get

Definitive Goals & Execution Plans:

  1. 1.20 hours of one-on-one “live” training with David Forrest over 10 sessions. Details of the training are explained above.

  2. 2.25-30 page written personalized report from David Forrest on your Core Competence and step-by-step stages to train your special skills.

  3. 3.Your 10, 20 and 30 years Luck Pillar and how to integrate your Core Competence into your destiny. Fully detailed plans will be discussed for implementation (this will include re-education of specialized skills if necessary).

  4. 4.A 3 year follow-up program to monitor success and iteration plans to fine tune the plans.

  5. 5.Introduction letter for your resume or CV applications will be rewritten with your Core Competence, career goals and objectives.

To start the course,

please do the following:

  1. 1.Explain, in less than 200 words, why you want a change in your Career and Personal Life.

  2. 2.Email your reasons with your CV/Resume to

The Career Coaching Stages are:

  1. 1.Know your time and stop wasting you own time and the time of people you work with on non-productive work and effort. David Forrest’s worksheets will show you the correct methods.

  2. 2.Knowing your Core Competence David Forrest will write a 5-page report on your Core Competence and this profile of your strength and weakness will form the foundation of his course in single-minded, easy to follow stages.

  3. 3.Avoiding Weaknesses David does not believe in developing a person’s weakness and will teach you how to avoid using weakness in your effective efforts.

  4. 4.Focus your strength and skills to TASKS which will contribute the maximum to your wealth and income. David from your astrological energy will tell you what these tasks will be and how to focus on them.

5. Identify TASKS by David Forrest for you to focus and he will be able to provide a time line over 30 years (read from Chinese astrology from your birth date) for your successful final stage to success.

6. How To Focus on your strength and ability To The Task over the next 20 years. It is a truly revelation and an experience just to discover your future unfolding in front of you.

7. Make a Decision what is your final direction and stay focused. David will teach you the principal of Staying Focused and How to Make a Decision

8. Finally - Practice, Practice, Practice until your strength and skills become a Habit like a top Cardiologist or Cosmetic Surgeon.

  1. BulletManaging Directors

  2. Professionals at a cross road of their career

  3. BulletGeneral Managers

  4. Marketing Directors and Advertising Managers

  5. Strategic Planners

  6. Business Managers

  7. ANY MANAGERS who have these 2 questions on their minds:

  8. 1.Is it time for a career change?

  9. 2.How can I make the right career choice?

David Forrest will provide a detailed 20-page written report for your career guidance and personal coaching. This is a step by step summary after more than 20 hours of personal one-on-one coaching & refreshing discussion.

The course fee is SGD $3000 for 20 hours of one-on-one discussions over 10 sessions.

Stage One - “Decoding” Your Profile and Structure Core Competence

  1. Understand your Profile and Structure from Date of Birth, and will be decoded by David Forrest applying Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu, two of the oldest and most respected teachings of Chinese Astrologies.

Stage Two - Reality Check “Who Are You?”

Your Strength and Weaknesses

  1. This is the most exciting revelation of your Core Competence and how it can be trained and integrated into your career for success

  2. David Forrest will take you through your weakness and strength and thoroughly discuss this with you over a 3 hour session of dialogue and is a Reality Check - who you are and what drives your behavior in relationships, career, family matters and business opportunities.

  3. Your behavior underlies your potential and your Core Competence.

Stage Three - Revealing Your “Success” cycle in the next 20 Years

Using Heaven and Earth Luck

  1. David Forrest will take you through your next 20 years and show your potential in your destiny as before discussing how to get to your next level of career success, you have to know your own destiny path. David will be able to tell you all the good years and weak years and if career, relationships or wealth will be affected.

  2. He will be able to plot a timeline for all these main activities which will then allow you to know when to charge forward and when to hold back. Some years you will be advised to do nothing as weak luck may affect your career or wealth and it is best to take corrective action which he will teach you in great details. David will be able to advise you for the next 20 years.

  3. BulletThis is the most revealing discussion as David will be able to crystallize your own success and pinpoint where, how and when it will happen.

  4. BulletA timeline over the 20 years will be provided to show the influence on your 20 years of success and the help from third parties, outside influences and all the angels who will come into your life for your success.

Stage Four - Combining Your Next 20 Years Of Destiny Luck with your strength

Leverage all your potentials on strong

  1. BulletDavid will discuss your next career move as now he will discuss with you how to “marry” your destiny developed in Stage 3 with your success/weaknesses coming into your life with your own potential and personality profile and how to apply your strength to build on your good luck period.

  2. BulletDavid will also advise training and education which may be needed from third parties, which are not affiliated with him.

  3. BulletStage 4 discussion will be centered on alternatives and best scenarios for your next stage of success and will be your potential, dovetailed with your luck period.

  4. BulletThis is the most crucial discussion with David Forrest as he now has arrived at your best alternative for development into your success.

Stage Five - “Execution, Execution, Execution”

How to Energize your Chi for Power and Success

  1. BulletOnce the path is chosen, there needs to be an Execution Plan which will be to activate the energy of your Chi which is the hidden forces of your luck from Heaven & Earth. This calls for Effective Execution.

  2. BulletA timeline over 12 months and 24 months will be provided for his clients to make the necessary execution.

  3. BulletDavid will teach you how to practice these activities which will enhance your luck and also be in sync with your lucky period and is two forces added and will be able to take advantage of your energy and luck pillar.

Stage Six - Practice, Practice, Practice

Success and Developing Your Skills into a “Habit”

  1. BulletDevelop Habits which will make your skills second nature, with abilities for adaptiveness and to make these skills your focus and Core Competence for your business or career and developing the success of your life.

  2. BulletDavid Forrest will advise on these habit which are your strength and Chi which is the energy of your destiny which will drive positive energy into your lucky cycle and avoid the pitfalls in actions and keep you safe from harm’s way and negative events, or at least mitigate the negative cycle.

Stage Seven - “What is my Progress?”

Reality check on progress.

Stage Eight - “Iterate Process”

Making the small adjustments and Fine Tuning the Practice

  1. BulletMake adjustments and go back to Stage Six and Seven and this is an Iteration Process for Improvements.

  2. BulletThis stage is a work in progress and David Forrest will be with you over a 2 to 3 years period to work on your career change.

Stage Nine - “Have I Achieved My Goals?”

  1. BulletAn assessment will be made at the end of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Small changes will be included to iterate the training of the Core Competence and also to take into consideration the year’s energy in your destiny.


David Forrest will identify your Core Competence

Your Core Competence can take various forms, including technical/subject matter know-how, a reliable process and/or close relationships with customers and suppliers. It may also include product development or culture, such as employee dedication.

Your Core Competence can also be powerful execution ability or task management/result oriented.

Once David Forrest identifies your Core Competence with Chinese astrology Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu, you will then be able to integrate this into a selected company business unit and become successful in your career.

Your Core Competence Integrated into a Business Unit Gives Competitive Advantage

Your long-term career success and happiness is identifying and building your Core Competence goals and strategic intent into the business unit of the company you work for, and to make sure your Core Competence with the company/profession required are in sync, which ultimately gives you a personal competitive advantage over the competition for these 3 main reasons:

  1. 1.Breadth of Application -  Your Core Competence offers the company a wide variety of markets to enter.

  2. 2.Difficult for the competition to imitate this same Core Competence.

  3. 3.Meaningful and significant contribution to the end user’s benefits and user’s experiences over the competitor’s product/service and builds a loyal evangelist client.

Core Competence is your innate born ability; you cannot work for a company which requires a different set of your Core Competence and try to train your weakness into a Core Competence, as this is both futile and will lead to your unhappiness and failure.


Please note that this Career Coaching Course IS NOT for Entrepreneurs

(there is a separate Coaching Course for entrepreneurs HERE)

What is Core Competence?

A person’s Core Competence arises from an integration of their multiple strengths and skills as a source of a competitive advantage and becomes a benefit to the company or business.

It is the effective coordination among all the strengths/skills of the person involved in bringing a product/service to market that results in a Core Competence.

Click Below for a Complimentary

Core Competence Assessment

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Identify Your Core Competence and Skills

to be a Successful Effective Executive

(Managers, CEOs, Business Owners and Professionals)