David Forrest Child’s Destiny Reading

is specifically based on Chinese Astrology - Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu - and is not a “How To” or “Parenting Method” or “100 Tips for Improving Children’s Behaviour”.

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In 25 years, a job’s skills set will change , but your child’s skill set remains the same and it is imperative as a parent you understand your child’s skill set & Core Competencies and help them develop their skill set and not have an early misguided education which is specific and lacks the flexibilities for their future.

The challenges for your child today is 25 years away.

Every year,  the annual global graduates churned out from all universities is 25 million and in the next 25 years there will be an additional 625 million young men and women.

There will be not enough meaningful jobs as it is impossible to create 600 million new jobs in 25 years, which is 4 times the size of USA 2011 employment numbers.

China and India will graduate annually 10 million, well-spoken and educated at the highest level and the world job market is borderless and means every one of the 625 million can work anywhere in the world.

The numbers are frightening.

It will not be just bread and butter issues , but will your child grow up, trained for his innate skill sets ,adaptive and  ready for the greatest challenge in the 21st Century

You can have your child fully prepared with David Forrest.

Today, young professionals are all caught in a conundrum of their job mismatched with their own skill set.

Millions of young professionals are “prisoners” of their jobs and cannot seem to reinvent their career alined to their skill set and innate abilities.

How will David Forrest help you, guide your child into developing the right skill set for his future into the next 60 years?

First, understand this:

David Forrest reading is NOT ABOUT CONTROLLING your child BUT knowing your child’s skill set and guiding him to the right nurturing path in his “education” and growing up years.


Your Child’s 21st Century Challenge

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Children’s Common Behaviours:

  1. A lazy child

  2. Overactive and Angry Child

  3. A child who will not speak

  4. A child who does not mix with other children

  5. A child who feel emotionally upset

  6. Not Having Enough Time To Study

  7. Finding It Difficult To Manage Friendships

  8. Does Not Understand What Is Taught In School

  9. Family Does Not Understand Me

  10. Getting Ostracized By Others

  11. Does Not Know How To Manage Stress

  12. Lack of Self Awareness & Social Awareness

  1. Ability To Manage One’s Emotions And Show Empathy & Compassion To Self And Others

  2. Handles Failure & Adversities Positively

  3. Ability To Maintain Relationships With Others

  4. Control One’s Impulse And Make Wise Decisions

  5. Why some children are not meant to be a doctor?

  6. Why my children have different personalities despite sharing the same genes?

  7. Why one child is an introvert while the other is extrovert?

  8. Why my child can't do well in science?

are symptoms of your child’s Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours.

These attributes are all built in your child’s DNA genome at the time of birth. Yes our abilities and skill sets are all part of our DNA and the cosmic universal and is the basis of all Astrology studies

Understanding your child’s skill sets will reveal why they have specific annoying and excellent BEHAVIOURS.

There are 4 contributing aspects to your child’s BEHAVIOUR and his future development and happiness.

Every child, like an adult is ultimately under their own influence of these 4 factors:

The two key unknowns you need to know from David Forrest, in order to educate your child for their success in life are:

  1. 1.Core Competence & Born Skill Sets

Core Competence and skill sets are inborn at birth; every child is born with skills sets, Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours. David Forrest will reveal your child's skill sets and this is the basis for you as their parents to understand them. From here, you will be able to help and guide them through the years as a child to teen and give them a start and focus in life.

This is not about Controlling your child, it is about you Understanding and Guiding your child.

  1. 2."Ten Years Life Path"

This is very important in your child’s life and only David Forrest will provide your child’s empirical “Ten Years Life Path”.

"Ten Years Life Path" is the missing link to help your child and this is a special proprietary and empirical presentation of your child’s future and how to understand his/her behavior, guide and manage her growing up years and life in all aspects of Career, Relationship, Wealth and Family.

"Ten Years Life Path" is the most powerful revelation in Chinese Astrology and David Forrest will use his tested, successful and very accurate methods to plot your child’s "Ten Years Life Path".

With your child’s "Ten Years Life Path", you now can educate him in every possible way for his success and happiness according to his innate born talent and potential.


And only once the 2 unknowns are revealed can you make progress with your “education” task and action for their success...

Nurturing and Education

Nurturing and Education is dependent first to understand your child’s Core Competence & Born Skill Sets and David Forrest reading is to reveal the best choice of Nurturing and Education for your     child based on Core Competence & Born Skill Sets

Core Competence, Born Skill Sets & your Child’s "Ten Years Life Path" will ultimately lead to best choices of career for your Child.

Perhaps he will be an entrepreneur or a businessman and David Forrest will also reveal this in his reading, with the best options to develop his business skills through education and social interactions.

  1. Get to know an expansive knowledge on your child’s talents and strengths, and attributes and characteristics to develop.

  2. Learn how to deal with your child in all aspects , who seems to be different than other children.

  3. Understand the right way to motivate your child without the need to give rewards, make comparisons with others, or use a cane!

  4. Discover how to help your child choose the right career according to his/her personality profile.

  5. Find out how to guide your child to the right tuition and extra curriculum lessons and develop his skills sets.

  6. Understand the relationship of your child with his brothers and sisters.

  7. Learn your child’s mood and behavior patterns and stress response

  8. Managing your child’s emotional and inter relational patterns.

  1. With the 15-page report you will be able to compare the child actual BEHAVIOUR and relate this as his born personality and not be overtly worried.

  2. Removes your own negative thoughts towards your child and become a positive force in his life.

  3. Overcome the use of the cane and how to cope with  your child’s anger.

  4. Answer all these questions:

  1. My three-year-old daughter deliberately does the opposite of what I tell her to do.

  2. My son is violent and screams.

  3. My sons does not mix easily with his cousin.

  4. My daughter hides from her relatives when they come to visit us.

  5. My child is destructive with toys and keeps banging his spoon and plate.

David Forrest provides the blueprint template to your child’s future in the next 50 to 60 years and he is both accurate and precise because he uses 2 Astrology Studies to get to the root of your child’s future:

David Forrest written readings for your child will be a 15 page report based on the combined reading of the above 3 astrology methods, clearly stating:

  1. 1.Core Competencies, Skill Sets, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours

  2. 2."Ten Years Life Path"

  3. 3.Nurturing and Education

  4. 4.Best Career Options or Business Opportunities and shows on a time line for your child

With David Forrest’s 15 page report, you will be able to observe and understand your child’s BEHAVIOUR and not be worried about a sudden burst of an annoying behaviour but provide your child with the right “medicine” to bring out the best in their “healthy” BEHAVIOUR.

You will be amazed at your own abilities to “educate” your child, once you have David Forrest’s 15-page written report.

Help your child towards their own success and not be worried about small hiccups in their life and have a better understanding of all these common uncertainties which are now easy to understand and take your own necessary action, specifically for your child.

YOU WILL MASTER THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS AND SITUATIONS ON YOUR OWN because David Forrest’s 15 pages has all the guides to these unanswered questions.

“Personal Branding of Your Child”

What David Forrest in essence will help you with is the “Personal Branding For Your Child”.

  1. How to connect him to the right choice of education studies which will enhance his skills sets and “Personal Branding”.

  2. Who are his network of “buddies” which will be good for developing his skill sets.

  3. Enrich his interpersonal relationships.

  4. What aspects of his annoying BEHAVIOUR may need some small tweaking and parental understanding?

  5. Selecting ex-curriculum activities, which will strengthen his skill sets.

  6. How to motivate your child without resorting to give rewards, make comparisons with others, or use a cane?

  7. When to talk to your child and when to role play with them to improve communication with them.

Ultimately, when your child grows up and joins society after the age of 25 years old , he will have his own skill set made up of his Education and inborn Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours.

All these attributes are his own “Personal Brand” and is who he is and how he can contribute to society and enjoy his own success because he is who he is and not be working in a “job” which does not leverage his Personal Brand.

Instead he will be excelling in a career with passion and a sense of feeling his total personality is now been leveraged and is making a huge contribution to his family and society.

David Forrest is providing you with the your child’s road map and you will be able to “educate” your own child, because Education in Latin means:

"to pull out the innate ability"

Parents have a responsibility to pull out the original largest potential capabilities

any child was born with to the fullest extent through education.

With David Forrest’s 15-page report you will have a road map guide in your hands to enlighten you on your child development and his own “Personal Branding” and will answer all these questions for you because you now have a a good and confirmed realistic understanding of your child’ innate abilities and will find your own answers to all these questions and many more...

With David Forrest 15 written pages of your child destiny report , you will be able to “educate” your own child

"to pull out the innate ability"

- 600 million graduates competing for a global job -

“Personal Branding of Your Child”

Personality and Genetics

According to Michael Gurian, family therapist, New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of the Gurian Institute, brain research proves that we are born with 75 percent of our future inborn.

This outlook changes the fundamental of parenting for the Purpose of Education...

The original Latin  meaning of the word  Education

"to pull out the innate ability".

Parents have a responsibility to pull out the original large potential capabilities any child was born with to the fullest extent through education.

From a perspective of molding the child into what the world requires, to one of nurturing the nature of the child to be successful in the world.

This is contrary to the research of thirty, twenty, even ten years ago when researchers assumed that nurture and socialization were 90 percent of what makes children into the adults they become.

  1. BulletBazi or 4 Pillar Reading

  2. (a 4000 years old Chinese astrology study)

  3. BulletZi Wei Dou Shu

  4. (a 3000 years old Chinese astrology study)

and Pythagorean Life Chart (fr 580-500, BC)