Chinese Astrology Can Reveal if

You Are An Entrepreneur

Chinese Astrology Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu - both methods are 5,000 years old in the studies and knowledge of a person’s birth chart. Their innate abilities were meticulously recorded and documented to profile a person’s character at birth.

There are a set of innate abilities which have proven to be the quality of an Entrepreneur.

Chinese Astrology will decode if you have these Entrepreneur’s Stars in your Birth Date

  1. Aggressive Sword Star

  2. Commander Star

  3. Prosperity Star

  4. Star of Angel Helpers

  5. Emperor’s Seal

  6. Senator’s Seal

  7. Super Vibrant Profile

  8. Contextual Intelligence

  9. Intuition

  10. Effective Execution

  11. Experience to extract and assimilate information to knowledge

David Forrest will combine both Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu to confirm if the above Entrepreneur’s Stars are built into your birth DNA.

Contextual Intelligence is the key to be an Entrepreneur. Without it you cannot succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Life Path

David Forrest is able to plot a person’s Empirical Life Path, based on Chinese Astrology.

This Life Path is the Key to an Entrepreneur Success and is based on the Emperor’s Seal and Senator’s Seal in his Life and without it, you best do not proceed with your plans , as they will fail.

Leadership is a process of social influence -  it is concerned with the traits, styles, and behaviors of individuals that causes others to follow them to change their lifestyle or make adaptive changes in their social life style ala FaceBook, Goggle, Twitter, Apple iTunes and Apple Application Store.

David Forrest with his 15 years in Chinese astrology studies in Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu has discovered these traits, behaviors and strengths in our birthdate or Destiny DNA and will be able to tell you if you have the ability to be successful as an Entrepreneur or stay as a manager or a professional skilled worker.

STAGE 2 Discussion

Spread over 20 hours (2 hours x 10 sessions). Each session will cost $300.

David Forrest with 40 years in management and 15 years in the Study of Chinese Astrology, he will first discuss and than highlight the following in his discussion and 20 page report which will outline your plan for execution as an Entrepreneur

What you will get in the 10 sessions of 2 hours each discussions:

  1. 1.Choices of Business based on your Lucky Money Element and overall ability. This choice of business will take at least 2 sessions to refine and define a business model for the entrepreneur , as it is the most important 1st step in the course.

  2. 2.How to get started on the new business.

  3. 3.How to focus your effort for maximum results and remove all waste and redundancy.

  4. 4.The Secret of Focus, Reduction and Simplicity will be explained and how they will be applied in your new business or remodeled business (if you have an existing business).

  5. 5.Tasks will be designed around the Focus and these tasks will form the backbone for your business success.

  6. 6.Tasks will be turned into Practice and more Practice until you have mastered the focus of your business model.

  7. 7.Once the business is up and running there will be feedback and small changes made to the business plans all the time to make sure it changes with the social dynamics of the market and competition.

  8. 8.David Forrest will only work with clients who have at least an excellent 10 years good luck and best if there is 20 years of good luck in the person’s life path which he will be able to advise and confirm.

  9. 9.If all is well and executed correctly the business should be in good progress within 2 to 3 years.

David Forrest will stay as your advisor and business consultant for the first year at no extra fee, but there will be a charge in the second year.

Fee for the total 25 hours will be $4000 Singapore Dollars and is a progressive payment

$1000 for the initial 1/2 day discussion and 10 more sessions of 2 hours each at $300 each session.

At any time you can opt out by the 3rd session and get a full refund.

This is a David Forrest guarantee as he will only work with Entrepreneurs and with a good minimum 10 years luck period.

Please check the complimentary reading for an initial qualification process by David Forrest before he will proceed further with your interest and application. If you qualify, expect an initial phone conversation at no charge and is to get a feel of you through a questionnaire during the phone conversation.


After studying 4,000 charts, David Forrest says entrepreneurs are BORN with the innate abilities, traits, intuition and behaviors of an Entrepreneur. He claims only people born as Entrepreneurs can be trained and if you are not born to be an Entrepreneur no amount of training can make you an Entrepreneur.

If your Destiny DNA birthdate is missing the elements of an Entrepreneur,

it will never happen for you.

Ask for a complimentary reading and David’s reply will be a simple “Yes” or “No”.

If it is “Yes”, David will tell you why and if you are interested to continue the discussion, a meeting can be set up and will cost SGD $4000.00 for David Forrest to design a business model for you or redesign your business model as an Entrepreneur. You will then have to provide a full CV/resume of your academia and work/business history.

Entrepreneurs must have Contextual Intelligence which is a vision of a tomorrow social or work lifestyle which is different from today and the Entrepreneur will makes a change to his business model or products in anticipation of this change before anyone else.

A visionary leader or entrepreneur is not creating a new invention, that is the work of the professional designers and engineers; an Entrepreneur is innovating a new lifestyle or a business model to a social activity like in communication, travel, entertainment or medical healthcare.

Entrepreneurs and their social changes

Steve Jobs, Founder

Apple’s iPhone changed how we could a have total communication experience simultaneously from text, voice and video conference on the move. It was simply the experience.

Jeff Bezos, Founder

Amazon changed how we buy books and gadgets.

Wilmot Reed Hastings, Jr., Founder

Netflix offers movie rental services to subscribers via Internet streaming and via US mail. Over 2 billion movies delivered wirelessly.

Howard Schultz, Founder

Starbucks changed the concept of social meeting through expensive gourmet coffee boutique.

Dato Sri Tony Fernandes, Founder

Air Asia successful in social changes to budget air travels in Asia with hotels and airport hubs.

Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh

Malaysia Lifestyle changes in Malaysia for the masses in wireless broadband and uber-rich.

Neo Kah Kiat, Founder

Neo Group Pte. Ltd changes the lifestyle of elegance entertaining with catering.

Mr Tan Choon Boon, MD

Home-grown kitchen equipment company Sia Huat and 36,000 sq. ft kitchen and lifestyle store ToTT (Tools Of The Trade.)

Ah Koon, Founder

Ya Kun  Singapore’s most successful  1920‘s coffee shop serving eggs, Kaya toast and coffee as a set and today  won the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Entrepreneurship for redefining the social lifestyles of the middle class.


Ho Kwon Ping, Founder

Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, a regional hotel chain which operates exclusive luxury hotels, resorts and health spas for leisure and health.


STAGE 1 Discussion

A 1/2 day discussion on why you are an Entrepreneur.

This session will cost SGD $1000.

Applying Chinese astrology principals, David Forrest will be able to discuss and highlight the following in the 25-page report:

  1. 1.Very concise and clear qualities are shown WHY YOU ARE an Entrepreneur. These are your qualities of business leadership, a pioneer spirit and your hidden Contextual Intelligence which can be decoded by astrology and confirmed during discussion when key questions are asked and answered.

  1. 2.Your next 50 years of business success will be show in an empirical graph, plotted by David Forrest and will indicate your business start up , when the business will meet its best results and when to slow down.

On the same note, if your 10 Years Empirical Chart shows poor success, David Forrest will advise you NOT TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR until the situation improves.

There is no point to waste time and money, even if you have the qualities of the entrepreneur, as your luck just isn’t there for the success.


Empirical Bar Chart of a Person’s Life Path

Each bar is a Ten Year Period.

The higher the red bar, expect a relatively

more successful and happier life path.

David Forrest does not expect to find 1 in 200 to be an Entrepreneur as he has very stringent and tested system to find if you are an Entrepreneur and is all based on Chinese astrology.

A preliminary 1/2 day meeting will cost SGD $1000 to set the guidelines for the subsequent meetings.

Subsequent meetings comprise 10 sessions of 2 hours each one-on-one with David Forrest.

Total payment of SGD $4000 is also progressive. SGD $300 for each of the 10 sessions of 2 hours each.

Total hours with David Forrest is minimum 30 hours.

David Forrest cautions to distinguish a professional whose success is in a skill, like surgeons, literary artists, movie directors, fashion designers and all scope of designers from IT to consumer goods.

David calls them professional skills and as long as you stay in your professional skill, you will continue to have your skills leveraged for your own success which is related to your own life path of success and dips.

David further emphasizes a move away from your professional skills into a new business environment will inevitably result in disaster.

A Managing Director or CEO may not be an Entrepreneur but a good leader to manage a business model, and the reason they get replaced by the board is when the market dynamics have changed in social behaviors and these CEOs are not entrepreneurs, have not be able to destroy their own company business model for a new social changes.

All these CEOs were replaced and thousands more CEOs are replaced every year, not for incompetence but because they were never Entrepreneurs and could not see the changes coming in social lifestyle which influenced their company’s service or products, for example:

  1. BulletKodak vs. digital camera

  2. BulletBlockbuster in video rental vs. Digital Downloads

  3. BulletBrick & Mortar bookshops vs. Amazon

  1. 1.Context

  1. Context is a real event happening against internal, external and interpersonal factors which uniquely contributes to the event, circumstances or situation.

  2. This is the background which an event takes place. The background can cover geographic, political, economic, human values, technology and any global or domestic happening at the time of the context.

  1. 2.Intelligence

  1. This is the entrepreneur ability to extract the most useful information from the context.

  2. A highly intelligent entrepreneur can extract the most information from data than anyone else from a single event and can turn this into knowledge. The newly acquired knowledge can be transformed into wisdom that can be “reused” in a new context and the entrepreneur is now with a richer and more informed knowledge and he can assimilate this knowledge for a new practice in his business.

  1. 3.Experiences

  1. This is a unique mental process of the entrepreneur. This is the hardest part to understand how an entrepreneur is able to extract more information from just one experience and a less intelligent person will need multiple experiences and years of experiences to extract the same information, which by than could be passe and common knowledge.

  2. This new information is quickly assimilated into the practices of the business, before the competition is even aware of its existence.

An Entrepreneur must have Contextual Intelligence which is the ability to exercise cognitively and intuitively past & present events (contexts) for a preferred future which is a new experience for the end user, and the entrepreneur is paid for this new preferred future experience.

All the key words:

  1. Intelligence

  2. Experience

  3. Intuition

  4. BulletQuick Effective Execution, Focused and Simple

are in your birth date and David Forrest will be able to tell you if you have Contextual Intelligence; your first step to be an entrepreneur.

  1. 4.Intuition

  1. BulletThis is the instantaneous  ability to extract  and adept the assimilated information from one context to synthesis another context, which will lead to another experience or event. Many entrepreneurs always say their success is gut feeling. Contextual Intelligence involves diagnosing a dynamic context, intuition is an huge asset.

  1. 5.Effective Execution

  1. BulletAnother unique character of Contextual Intelligence is the ability to “know what to do” as against “how to do”

  2. BulletEntrepreneurs do not micro-manage, but are pioneers in quick effective execution and note the word is effectiveness which connotes “know what to do”.

Contextual Intelligence is a special intelligence which every entrepreneur must have to succeed.

To understand what is Contextual Intelligence, we need to break down the components:

Best 30 Years Business Success

What is Contextual Intelligence?