David Forrest Approach to Mentoring

The purpose of mentoring is personal development. The client is on a learning curve experience with David Forrest and this learning experience will blossom the client’s mental knowledge and emotional growth to match their 20 years of great "Ten Years Life Path".

This learning curve during mentoring is an overall personal development.

David Forrest’s mentoring will take you to new heights, as his sole objectives are to guide, teach and direct all your resources to build your most focused goals and effective action to make this journey to success a reality.

As your mentor David Forrest has a deep personal interest and will be personally involved in your development. Think of him as a friend, if you will, who cares about you and your long term development.

“The driving force of David Forrest Mentoring

is his joy in the success of others.”

David Forrest Mentoring Philosophy makes you the “Business Entity” and he will apply all the management, tasks, responsibilities and practices to ensure your mental thoughts are being developed and building on your agreed directions.

With 45 years of business experience, business & people knowledge, international experience and his Contextual Intelligence combining with 15 years of Chinese astrology, David Forrest is ready to back every single possible twist and turn in your life. There is no situation which David Forrest cannot find an answer to and teach you how to overcome and become the best “Business Entity”.

David GUARANTEES that YOU, as the “Business Entity”, will succeed or he would not have selected you as his client in the first place.

Within the first 3 months you can expect very significant changes. After 6 months expect results and at the 12-month mark, it will be clear that the direction negotiated with David is fully achievable.

If there is failure to reach success within 9 months, David will cancel the course and refund the money.

This is not arrogance, as David Forrest Mentoring is both expensive in time and money and is a

Guaranteed Success or Money Back Program. He has never failed in his Mentoring to achieve his client’s success.

David Forrest Mentoring starts with :

“Do YOU have the criteria to be successfully mentored?”

David Forrest is a visionary in selecting successful people. With his intensive 15 years studies in Chinese Astrology Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu, he can see the diamond in the rough, recognize your potential that others do not see and believes that this potential can be achieved.

David Forrest has the patience, knowledge and persistence to help his proteges achieve above and beyond anything they had ever dreamed possible. With David’s guidance they will be able to harness this potential to True Success.

You have to be qualified by David Forrest’s strictest standard to be his protege.

David Forrest Mentoring Services are only for successful people who are going to enjoy the best 20 years of their "Ten Years Life Path".

(Read David Forrest "Ten Years Life Path" for more details)

The qualification is based on his 3 Secrets Revealed of your Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours and "Ten Years Life Path".

There is no compromise for this mentoring qualification. It is expensive, time-consuming and very goal driven for the client’s success. It will not benefit clients who are NOT at the cusp of their unprecedented 20 years success .

Clients who are not prepared for the commitment and practice the task and responsibilities should not embark on this mentoring journey with David Forrest. This is a no holds barred winning mentoring formula, as Chinese astrology has revealed you will be successful and now is the hard work for make it happen...

“Ten Years Life Path” is the 2nd Secret to your Career , Wealth and Relationship Success because Chinese astrology is fastidious, and this must be considered in your reading. It is a futile attempt to read your destiny using Chinese astrology without considering your “10 Years Life Path”.

Stage 1 - Preparing

  1. This is revealing the “3 Secrets” to the protege from his birthdate and "Ten Years Life Path".

  1. There will be intensive discussion to agree on the premise and final results of the protege’s “3 Secrets”.

Stage 2 - Negotiating

  1. This is deciding and coming to an agreement on what will be achieved in metric, learning goals, relationship working and who does what and how to measure this relationship.

  1. In order to be successful it is crucial to create high expectations, set demanding goals and achieve excellent results on a consistent basis. We perform better if we know what is expected and when there is feedback and a means to measure success. Rewards and compensation should then be in line with those.

  1. This stage sets the ground rules for implementation, tasks and action, who does what and time lines decided by David Forrest and protege.

  1. This stage is exactly HOW you will make new business decisions, setting out the management skills needed, realities of the external environment, tasks, responsibilities and practices.

  1. This is a formal document in writing and this negotiating stage has more to do with creating a shared understanding of assumptions, expectations, goals and time lines. Finally, negotiating includes the details -  when and how to meet responsibilities, criteria for success, accountability and bringing the relationship to closure- which are mutually articulated during this stage.

David Forrest Mentoring Approach

1.   Relationship Oriented

  1. All issues which can affect your personal and professional life are discussed in the open.

  2. Includes work/life balances , self confidence , self -perception , family influence and personal relationships.

2.    Performance and Knowledge Learning

  1. This is the centric theme of Mentoring.

  2. The mentor provide this learning & foundation. The protege commits and executes for their own success.

  3. The protege’s knowledge and leaning leads to the best effective task and practices for their success.

  4. The protege is taking full advantage of their "Ten Years Life Path" and maxing for the best of the best.

  5. Every moment of practice is towards success , there is no trial and error, no ‘perhaps’ as every task is the right task for success.

3.    Mentoring is long term building

  1. Successful mentoring periods are 9 to 12 months.

  2. This is the time required for my proteges to feel comfortable to share their inner personal issues and address them in the mentoring plans.

4.    Mentoring is personal development driven

  1. The goals are an overall development of skills, knowledge and emotional strength to build on your successful "Ten Years Life Path".

Mentoring requires a design plan which has to be negotiated and decided by mentor and protege.

There are 4 stages to David Forrest Personal Mentoring:

Stage 3 - Implementation

This is the HARDEST part of the 4 stages.

  1. This phase takes the longest to complete because it is the implementation phase of the learning relationship.

  1. It is a complex phase because although it offers the greatest opportunity for nurturing, learning and development, the mentoring partners are also most vulnerable to many obstacles that can frustrate the relationship.

  1. Even when goals are clearly articulated, the process well defined, and the milestones identified, every relationship must find its own path.

  1. The implementation phase is a process of path building: maintaining a sufficient level of trust to develop the quality of the mentoring relationship and promote the right learning.

  1. Effective communication is the key and David is very concise in his words and directions and especially focused on the task and practices.

  1. The Mentor’s role during this phase is to nurture the protege’s growth by establishing and maintaining an open and affirming learning climate and providing thoughtful, timely, candid and constructive feedback.

  1. Throughout this phase, which can take minimum of 12 months to 24 months, David Forrest will seek the assistance of Chinese astrology to guide and teach you through your learning experiences.

Stage 4 - Closure

  1. This is an evolutionary process in which you hone all your Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours into a well-defined and focused personality to capitalise on your wonderfully successful "Ten Years Life Path".

  1. The beginning is what will be agreed and negotiated for success in terms of metric.

  1. The middle will be the implementation and results feedback and the small iteration changes for getting closer to the final results.

  1. The closure is when the level of learnt knowledge, tasks and practices have been met with the expected results. This level will be decided during the negotiating stage as to what are these results and how will we know when we get these expected results.

David Forrest Mentoring Fee

IMPORTANT:    If you are not prepared to make this mentoring work with your personal commitment, please do not embark on this program with David Forrest. David is committed and will abandon your program if he finds you are recalcitrant and will not give a similar effort for your own success.

This is a 24-month course and the time/duration is indicative. David Forrest will spend all the time needed at your convenience and there is a Money Back Guarantee if he abandons the program and gives up on you.

Total Cost: $10,000 for 80 hours session (flexible) spread over 24 months.

Payment is progressive with a 50% down payment.

Fee includes:

  1. Your personalized  Mentoring Agreement, what will be achieved in metric, learning goals, relationship working and who does what and how to measure this relationship

  2. Written follow-up progress

  3. All one-on-one meetings during the 24 months

  4. A dossier will be given to you progressively

  5. Email exchanges

  6. SMS

  7. Phone conversations

  8. Skype

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David Forrest has developed an empirical formulae to show your graphic “Ten Years Life Path”.

To be mentored by David Forrest, you will need to have a minimum of 15-30 excellent & potentially successful years.

This is imperative as David will not compromise if he takes the assignment to be your Mentor.

(NOTE: Life Coaching is recommended for clients who only need a skill development to overcome an obstacle in their career or relationship).