With the help of his intense Chinese astrology studies for the last 15 years and thousands of case studies , David is able to find the profile and personality for Mr Right in your life by simply reading your birthed date and your partner’s birth date.

He has perfected his studies from his in-depth studies of 2 Chinese Astrologies:

Looking for MR RIGHT?

David Forrest has found your solution in Chinese Astrology

  1. BulletBazi or 4 Pillar Reading

  2. (a 4000 years old Chinese astrology study)

  3. Zi Wei Dou Shu

  4. (a 3000 years old Chinese astrology study)

and Pythagorean Life Chart (Fr. 580-500, BC)

to find your Mr Right.

Look no further... Meet David Forrest to resolve your marriage dilemma...

This is an unselfish, non dominating growth in each other. Every day , will be credits in both your lives , as something new and positive is added to grow your minds and a powerful sense of we have achieved something new and different today from each other.

The relationship grows on strength and not faults , weaknesses and milder forms of abuse, such as daily put-downs, sarcastic remarks, other negative comments, withholding affection, refusing to talk, threatening to leave, etc.

The relations will never need to have a defensive relationship because there will be no “I win, you lose” situations in your daily lives. Both of you will not attempt to control or be superior to each other and will be a relationship build on growing each other minds , endeavors and simple one of exciting new future together.

All the words highlighted in red are part of the  12 most important steps to make a marriage work and there is no way to find this perfect match by answering 100 questions or from a database designed by a dating service which tries to find your perfect partner from set questions and your hobbies. Hobbies and career types are the worse criteria to match make and is doomed for failure.



Lets work on the sample chart shown and how David Forrest will describe the man in this lady’s life.

Please note that this is a random sample of a lady who is not a David Forrest client, nor has he ever met this lady However he is able, with total clarity, to read who her best-choice husband’s profile and personality.

This lady is born 14th June 1978 time 3.30 pm

Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu will accurately explain three aspects of her life:

  1. 1.Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours

  2. 2.How her career , wealth and social network impacts her decisions on a relationship partner who is her potential spouse.

  3. 3.Her Inner Thinking called Karmic Thinking

  4. 4.When she will marry?

It this possible? Read on...

Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours

This lady is born 14th June 1978 time 3.30 pm

She is the consummate networker, always friendly and engaging with people. She has an intense love for people , kind , helping and always with a smile. Her high sociability strength is an assets in her life to connect people and create a successful career for her related to working with people as her core ability

Her strong sociability, is not the same as organizing people or micromanaging people. She does not like to organize people to get a job done nor does she like to get involved in the detail of a task.

She has a charismatic charm to be the centre of the crowd and exudes a sense of confidence and absolute independence  , which will gain her admiration & respect from her peers and social network.

This lady strength is her ease to gracefully and comfortably work with many different social network in her career and she will be very success in a career which exposes her to clients who are in need to solve their own uncertainties . These uncertainties are related to wellness and and retirement plans.

Here we now have the first signs what is her personality.

Highly sociable , successful working with people in resolving their issues related to wellness and retirement ,but she is not interested in the micro tasking and organizing people to get her work done . She is only interested to schmooze the clients for the explicit purpose of providing her special skills.

Making the social connection is her first and most prominent Core Competence and is very visible when you meet her.

What are her talent and how does she expend her creative thinking?

She is an extremely cerebral lady , who has a mind to generating ideas and she is constantly churning new ideas and strategy and they are all related to a business which is trust and honor and very close to money as the reward.

She is a strategic planner for an institution which provides benefits related to

  1. Insurance and trust funds

  2. Bank for personal investments

  3. Organizing network for large scale conventions

  4. Wellness Services , health and education.

She is great at building a network of clients for her company.

She leverage her social skills to understand what the client wants and design and build portfolio around their requirements

She will love to be around people who are expressive and most importantly she will not like a pessimistic person and someone who is constantly a worrisome sort and averse to risk.

Someone who lack self confidence and unable to match her personality in sociability will feel a sense of been lost around her. She will be irritated by an indecisive research person or someone who never makes a definitive decisions and is always waiting for more details to decide.

More of the spouse later.

Her friendly charming personality , comes with forceful imposition of her ideas , wasting no time to get her thoughts and ideas across to win over her clients and boss. She works with tact , charm and simply her personality is threaded into you , believing and trusting her for whatever she is presenting.

Her presence is impressive and she stand out from the crowd with her eloquence and admirable personality.

Here is another indication , her spouse has to be a self made , successful and a mentor to her , showing great admiration for her strength and determined to make her succeed.

There are caveats in her personality and will summarize them:

  1. She can get annoyed with boss , who do not understand her and tries to stop her ideas , without a rationale.

  2. She dislike office politics with rules and regulation

  3. People who are boorish with “infantile” mind.

  4. She dislike been asked and told what she has to do.

  5. She is a master of her own time.

  6. She may be a a great networker , but when she wants her own space she will walk away to enjoy her own moments.

  7. Admire a man who is intelligence , smart and has a global perspective and love to engage in conversation with him.

  8. A close mind to other’s ideas and always a preference for what she thinks is the only choice.

  9. May at times , dislocate her alliances for her own self motives as she has a strong mind and ideas and will abandon conservatism for risk and self grandiose.

Lets talk about the following aspects to understand her and who will be her husband:


She will have a career which gives her a high public profile , armed with  her eloquence she will play the role of the lady who stands on the podium addressing clients of her company services and portfolio which she had designed. Her services will be into trusted products related to insurance, investment portfolio and wealth management

Social Network

This has already been explained in her Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours . She will be admired and adored by the crowd as she bring solutions to their uncertainties related to their insurance, investment portfolio and wealth management or overall wellness.


Her wealth (money) is made from her public appearances and appealing to a network of people who need solutions to their overall wellness which can be wealth , knowledge and personal health wellness.

Happiness/Karmic /Inner Thinking

Her mind is in a constant flux of mental hyperactivity , quietly planning and finding solutions to all clients business uncertainties, simultaneously she is scanning news,absorbing tremendous information to re cast the details into a rewarding portfolio.

Her inner thinking is always racing away and never contented with one final answer and she will always iterate an old idea , improving , improvising and repackaging and old idea and spinning out a new plan.

She has an “aggressive wielding sword” mind in her inner thinking , but a cool and calm demeanor when she appears to her colleges and clients.

This is why The Karmic / Inner Thinking is so crucial for spouse selecting , as this is one emotion which has to be intimately shared with your spouse which is the essence of the “threading” of two people’s mind to have a successful marriage.

After an exhaustive reveal of this lady’s skill sets , wealth , career , social network and Inner Thinking , David Forrest will advise the burning question …..

Where is your Mr. Right?

Who is he? Which one is Mr. Right for you?

Why is dating so fraught with failures?

Join dating agency , list on match.com , arrange  endless parties and meet people and hope for the best and what are the repercussion of such action.

Attend 20 to 80 dates to find Mr Right and this is a endless and futile attempt at the marriage game. Even online dating have married men crawling the web for that  “lucky” one night stand.

It is a jungle out there and everyone is at a lost what next can they do to even get one date , let alone 10 dates or Beth Chan 80 dates. (Read insert)

It is hard work and there must be a solution to this marriage conundrum.

After 20 dates and finding who you think is that special someone and after staying together 3 years , there is a gradual realization , both of you do not share the same goals , aspirations and worse communication has come to a grinding halt and both of you have failed to grow each other.

The idea that two people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after is one of the biggest myths ever perpetrated on Western civilization. The real truth is two people meet, fall in love, begin living together, and then do just about everything they can to diminish and destroy their love for each other.

Let's face it. You've got a better chance of surviving cancer today than you do of having a successful long-term relationship.



The key word is “yuen” - a thread woven so tightly into each other minds , that the thread will be able to withstand all the transgression and vagaries of society. We live today in a Borderless society with too many sudden new romantic encounters, distractions and a poorly threaded marriage is heading to the divorce courts within 5 years.

A successful marriage is when two people wake up every morning and feel a sense of renewal in each other ability to grow their minds as one. Every day is a fulfilling and exciting day to learn and grow each other and if this is missing in your life , you already have an issue.

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Dating Agencies are booming in Singapore as thousands of young singles, desperate to find their soul mate, are forking out thousands of dollars to get their dates.

But even after numerous arranged dates, they still remain single and it has become a hopeless attempt to find MR RIGHT. The size of the issue is BIG as there are 200,000 more single women than men in Singapore between the ages 25 to 44 years old (including all foreign men and women).

As reported in the Saturday Straits Times March 2011, The Singapore Government is getting behind this issue of singles not getting hitched. Government subsidies and marriage bureaus have all been stepped up to solve this issue.

Looking for Mr Right -  an “impossible dream” in Singapore?


These 12 tips are NOT GOING TO WORK if you start off with the wrong partner as your marriage is not about making it work by avoiding the 12 major mistakes but should be a relationship which grows on a natural destiny called ‘threading” or “yuen”.

Remember, the following 12 tips are FUTILE if there is no “yuen” between two people:

  1. 1.Be honest with your partner at all times.

  2. 2.Communicate whenever something is bothering you.

  3. 3.Keep communicating until the problem is successfully resolved. (Do not give up!)

  4. 4.Deal with problems when they first begin to emerge. (Don't ignore them or wait to see if they get worse.)

  5. 5.Always insist on win-win solutions.

  6. 6.Forgive each other (after the fact) for any wrongdoings.

  7. 7.Forgive each other (in advance) for future wrongdoings.

  8. 8.Fight for the best in each other (even if your partner resists you).

  9. 9.Encourage healthy growth and change.

  10. 10.Keep your promises to each other (no matter what).

  11. 11.Renegotiate any promises that may have been foolishly made.

  12. 12.Admit your weaknesses and lack of skill in specific areas.

Singapore has been labeled as increasingly divorce-happy society, because the influx of foreigners from all parts of Asia has added to the marriage pool for the local guys who many will not think twice to get out of their marriage for the new “game” in town.

“The Dating Game”

has become big business (singles as young as 22 years old are paying thousands of dollars to get dates and still not successful) and has become more challenging in Singapore with 23,000 marriages in 2010 and dropping, almost 8000 of these marriages with at least the bride or groom being a foreigner.

There is a massive crowding-out of partners in Singapore for both male and females Singapore young men and women.

The whole situation has become a mess, trying to find a needle in a hay stack with pressure of work, family and peer pressure to add the burden of dating and finding a successful soul mate.


The numbers tell a more depressing story. Here are some facts:

  1. 1.Total Singapore born and foreigners 1.625 million , 20% more eligible women than men age 25 to 44 years old , women 915,000 and men 725,000. There are 200,000 more women than men eligible for marriages. Women are competing in Singapore is a very hostile marriage conundrum

  2. 2.Marriages is at all time low in 2010 , 24,363 compared to 33,450 in 2003.

  3. 3.Second marriage reaches an all time high 25% of all 2010 marriages , 6020 were second marriages

  4. 4.Divorces at an all time high in 2010, 7,405 divorces against 23363 marriage.

  5. 5.40% of all 2010 marriages , was with one partner a non Singapore born.

  6. 6.With second marriage (25%) and marriages with one as foreign partners (40%) increasingly a Singapore born chances of finding their Mr. Right is now an extreme narrow window , which will get worse over the next 10 years.

And now, the worse news , 65% of all divorces in 2010 were within 5-9 years after marriages and rising and is caused by the huge pool of “eligible floating“ women in Singapore.

The above abysmal scenario for Singapore’s Failed Marriages is because your married partner is not your Mr Right.

  1. Marriage has become a difficult search for success in a relationship.

  2. Men and women are giving up on the marriage institution and opting to stay single.

  3. Choices for finding Mr Right has narrowed and with pressure of work and time constrain , how can this be solved or stack the odds in your favour. Chances are slimmer and more desperate every year.

  4. it is easier to get a higher academic education than to find a soul mate and will get worse in the years ahead unless a corrective solution is found.

  5. Men and women are giving up on the marriage institution and opting to stay single. Where is your Mr Right and who is he and which one is Mr Right for you

Note: The Singapore Department of Statistics released the above figures in their annual Statistics on Marriages and Divorces for the year 2010.

Singapore is now “divorce-happy” society.

Her World March 2011 reported three interesting stories:

  1. Beth Chan co founder of the Dating Loft - “I DATED 80 GUYS IN 6 MONTHS” She did this through dating agencies, websites & parties.

  1. In the same article Else Yow dated 10 guys online to find her partner.

  1. Candy Kang organized parties of 30 or more people to met her partner

  1. How many young ladies or men have this tenacity to keep up with more than 20 dates in 24 months and have the street smartness to date a man who is not a “creep”?

The burning question:

WHO IS MR RIGHT” for me?

One of the biggest complaints in marriages is a lack of communication between partners. This is called “yuen” or “threading” and in Chinese astrology the “who” threaded into your life can be revealed in your birth date. Read on…

eHarmony (USA’s largest online match-making website) has analyzed the “must have” and “can’t stand” responses of nearly 720,000 members, identifying the top 10 relationship deal breakers for men and women.

Try to find your partner based on above wish list from a 3,000 member pool of any Singapore dating agency is to sing “The Impossible Dream”.

E.g. I once was told by my client who is a motivational speaker and spent $2000 on 3 dates (she was categorized as profession educationalist ). She was paired on a date with a school teacher who bored her to death during dinner. She is an entrepreneur and he was a person grounded in standard and pigeon-holed teaching. What a mismatch and should never have happened.

All dating services will tell you: the more dates you engage, the better changes of meeting Mr. Right and this is really a waste of more time, money and frivolous meetings which will turn a person off relationships as they begin to realize how difficult all this can be for a successful marriage.

Dating services are bidding your marriage at the roulette wheel, the more time you bid, perhaps you may strike that single number on the roulette table.

50 to 80 dates to even begin to find the person to say “ Will you be my girlfriend”  and even than there is no guarantee , 3 or 4 years later the relationship ends , because the “thread” is missing.

Dating has run up against a major road block and what is first priority to identify the partner in in your life in personality and profile which matches your Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours .

Chinese astrology has the solution and David Forrest brings this service for the first time in a professional documented report with your marriage time line and who he is and when you will meet your partner.

Is there a solution to the dating conundrum?

Yes !

Chinese astrology , Zi Wei Dou Shu is based on 12 Houses in your destiny and here are these 12 Houses

  1. 1.Life

  2. 2.Health

  3. 3.Inner Karmic/Happiness Thinking

  4. 4.Spouse/ Relationship

  5. 5.Parent

  6. 6.Sibling/Peer

  1. 7.Children

  2. 8.Staff/ Co workers

  3. 9.Wealth

  4. 10.Career

  5. 11.Business/Real Estate

  6. 12.Social Network/Travel House

Zi Wei Dou Shu has the ability to reveal WHO IS YOUR SPOUSE and the relationship throughout your life time and is already your destiny and David will read this for you.

Yes , you read it right.

Zi Wei Dou Shu has the ability to reveal


For the first time, David Forrest with the accuracy of Chinese astrology , Zi Wei Dou Shu is able to list out who is your best soul mate , partner in life and someone who will be “threaded” into you life and mentally grow with you .

This is what  a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart looks like for a lady born on 14th  Aug 1978 time 3.30 pm and from this chart , David Forrest will be able to tell you explicitly the personality and profile of your spouse who has 95% to be threaded into your mind and life.


How can Zi Wei Dou Shu reveal  who is your spouse threaded in your life ?

The sample above shows the 12 houses and what is important is the Spouse House (highlighted in a red square ) which at birth is impacted by 3 other houses which will reveal your true partner in all her/his Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours which will be compatible with you to grow each others lives and enjoy years of happiness into old age.

Marriage: Seven Questions to Consider in Choosing your Ideal Marriage Partner

Dr. Neill Neill wrote this in his book of the same title.

Choosing well is the foundation for a good marriage.  

  1. 1.Can you accept each other as you are, warts and all?  

  2. 2.Do you like each other?

  3. 3.Are your values compatible?        

  4. 4.Are you compatible in the way you express (and discuss) your feelings?        

  5. 5.Are you compatible in how positively you look at life?       

  6. 6.Are you compatible in your spiritual growth

  7. 7.Is your mantra, “Love alone is not enough?” 

Both Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu will answer all the above questions and more on compatibility and the “yuen” in your life. Dating will take 2 to 5 years to discover all the 7 answers but David Forrest will reveal the answers in just one meeting session.

20% of all Singapore  divorces are now less than after 5 years of marriages , as all of the above takes at least 5 years to surface in the marriage.

David Forrest will reveal this to you because he will read from your birthdate and you birth charts the following:

  1. 1.Who is your spouse and why?

  2. 2.When will you get married .

  3. 3.Your compatibility and thread with your spouse.

  4. 4.Your "Marriage Ten Years Life Path" and your partners "Ten Years Life Path".

Once you know all 4 of the revelations, you can apply them to your partner and if there is a match you have better success and will reduce the courting time and get on with building the real relationship.

Lets start with how does your birth date Spouse House reveal your spouse.

The spouse house is impacted by three other houses which are crucial and essential to reveal your spouse and they are

  1. 1.Your Career House

  2. 2.Your  Travel /Social Network House

  3. 3.Your  Inner Karmic/Happiness Thinking.

1.    Career House. Why crucial to your spouse selection ?

You career is where you spend more than 50 hours a week and is a big part of your life and how you work , think and succeed in your best chosen career, is very much a part of your relationships and profile and plays an important pivotal impact on your Spouse relationship.

You spouse must share your same inspirational abilities , goals and drives which makes your career a success.

Zi Wei Dou Shu will reveal your best choice of career , and you may not be in this career now , but Zi Wei Dou Shu will reveal this from your Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours.

Your career from Zi Wei Dou Shu reflects your innate skill sets which must be matched with the right partner to enjoy each other .

Take the example of the educationalist with her own motivational business. She has her own skill set but her date - a Sr. School Teacher - has a different innate skill set and matching them on this category i.e.. career, is a “painting with an broad brush” attempt by match-making and dating agencies.

Her skill set is entrepreneurial, loves changes and constantly challenged by new journeys and opportunities. Her date the Sr School teacher needs stability and a structured career with set rules. They have nothing in common to have a rooted “threading” their relationship.

A clear case of mismatched skill sets.

She gave up on dating services as both futile and a waste of her time and money.

The skill set of the lady has to be matched by a similar skill set of her partner as this is the only way to be “threaded” in their minds.

2.    Travel /Social Network House. Why is this important for threading in a marriage ?

Your social network are your friends, colleagues, co-workers and people who are part of your inner and outer social circle and how they influence and grow your own personality skills. Your soul-mate have the same profile as yours to have him/her share their same communication skills, values , beliefs and behaviours and be totally immersed in each other Psyche.

3 /Inner Karmic/Happiness Thinking. What is this and why is this Karmic Thinking so important for a threaded relationship ?

This is the most interesting - Your Life House is your external personality for all to experience and for people & friends to you as you are, but your Inner Karmic/Happiness Thinking is your special inner hidden feelings and thoughts which you only share with your closet friend and of course with your spouse.

Now your spouse must have the same shared inner feeling as yours to be threaded into your life or there will be a hollowness and emptiness in your ability to mentally grow each other on daily life destiny.

Your Inner Happiness or Karmic Thinking can never be revealed even if you answered 100 questions in a dating service. Your Inner Happiness /Thinking is your secret, hidden personal values and beliefs reflecting your Behaviour and only Chinese astrology can reveal these Inner Thinking and your spouse or partner must share these similar values and beliefs, understanding and threaded into your behaviors.

Zi Wei Dou Shu can reveal your inner Happiness /Thinking values and belief and no other approach is more accurate and definitive in this analysis

Too good to be true?

No this is a reality of Chinese astrology , because hidden in your birthdate is who is your spouse and David Forrest can reveal all the qualities of your partner who will remain threaded into your life .

Remember the key word , “threaded” into your life and he will be your Mr. Right...

Who is her Mr. Right??

His first most important and critical personality, he must be able to match her intelligence in all aspects of her interest and he will always be her Sun and he must be able to engage with her eloquence and he must never be someone who cannot bear to hear her voice nor feel threatened by her expression and eloquence.

Her Spouse  House shows the man of her life , must become her mentor and never try to control her. ( some relationship requires a control and hers is an exception)

He can be in business, but it must be a business related to her own profession and not a diametrically different industry. If she is in wealth portfolio , he has to be in a similar related industry and not in restaurants and media communication. They have to share the same thoughts in her ideas  and her with his.

He is a problem solver and he should be at least 7 years older than her , he has maturity and is someone who has developed his own success and has gone through his own crisis in life and is now strong and ready to settle down.

He could be married and divorced.

He must not be someone in between career unless he is been promoted as he must hold an VP management status and has the respect and strong support of his boss or board  of directors.

He will be extroverted like her , but he will be a shade behind her in the public eyes, he will be her intelligence and mentor in social network and exude his own professional acumen and never be an embarrassment to her.

Like her he moves with “Flying Pegasus” speed and he is not a procrastinator when there is a problem to be solved and he is a strong micro manager and will take a deliberate and definitive decision and he is not a waffler and is someone who makes a decision.

He shows a very powerful sense of justice  and prefer to work in the field of resolving problems related to failed alliances and could be a successful litigation lawyer or he will be in a career involving negotiations and as deal maker, not business mergers or related to money , but in arbitration.

He is decisive , extremely intellectual, highly knowledgeable and loved to plan his work before he solve the problem. He is very thorough in his research and consultancy and will not exercise any decision without having covered all aspects of the decision to be made.

Interesting his clients for his career will be people who have been betrayed or suffering from misdemeanor.

But he works with speed to have the problem solved, but will be deliberate and thorough in his answers and solutions

This may make him seem slow in a decision , but that decision he make come from  his experience and maturity, both are working to his advantage to this relationship as she will respect him .

She will never be happy with a frivolous “shoot from the hip” spouse and she cannot tolerate any child like behaviour.

The above written by David Forrest described the lady’s spouse and is a guideline for her and if she meets a man who does no have these qualities , she does not even have to see him a second time and if she can find a database of this man , she will get closer to finding her spouse.

Social networking is a gamblers’ game who is Mr Right , but with the above  details , you can narrow the choice to stay in contact with the right person and develop the connection for a long lasting relationship

When will she get married?

This is for the lady sample born 14th June 1978 at 3.30 pm.

Her Marriage year can be read from Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu and both have a different approach but reaches the same conclusion on the year and period.



She could have married at age 23 in 2001 but this marriage will be to the wrong partner, who is already married and will be a short lived relationship


Recovering from a failed 2001 relationship and will experience emotional unhappiness


Will meet a guy who is extremely successful and also a "player"” and this relationship will be a sudden romantic encounter which will not lead to marriage as the guy will be romancing many others , as this is his nature and he will be a 3 years older than her and both are too young for a successful threaded marriage


A weak year for relationship after two failed ones.


Will meet an extremely conservative man and he is not the right man in her life.


A very strong and successful year for a meaningful relationship and she will meet the right described man , she needs to make sure he is Mr. Right before she makes the commitment.


This is the year she will marry because her Betrothal Star which is a guarantee marriage Star and her Happiness Union Stars are both shining in her Spouse House.

All the stars in her Houses are shinning for her happiness and this is the big year in her life.


Not a good year for marriage


A mixed emotional year for relationship


Marriage is not be considered as there will be many obstacles in her relationship


If still not married , she will meet a very successful, charming men , but he will be married and a player in the field and is not a good year for marriage


Will meet the right man of her described choice


This is the year she will marry because her Betrothal Star which is a guarantee marriage Star and her Happiness Union Stars are both shining in her Spouse House.

David Forrest will also construct your partner/soul mate Bazi chart to show his innate strength and when should he be born , year and month and also the compatibility of his elements or chi with yours and this will be the best “threading” for your successful relations.

You will get these two special proprietary charts for you and your partners and with his birth date and time , a comparison can be made for Mr. Right in your life

This is an amazingly accurate approach to find your Mr. Right.


David Forrest will also provide you with a guide based on your birthdate , the Astrological Year and Month of your partner. This is 75% accurate and is a quick check if you are going on a first date

What does the above mean , based on the sample , this lady need to ask her new date his year of birth and what is his animal sign

If he is born in the year of Monkey , Rooster , Pig or Rat and in the month of August . Sept , Nov and Dec , this is already a good matching start.

Remember this is not all conclusive , but is 75% accurate and you will already sense and feel a chemistry with this relationship if your partners year and month is according to David’ guide.


Are You Ready Now For David Forrest

To Help You Know Who is Your Life Long Partner ?

These are the fees for this enlightening and very pivotal revelation for your marriage partner and when you will meet him.

This session is primarily for relationships , but will also cover critical aspects of your career and your partner’s /spouse career and wealth management.

David Forrest Fees - “Looking For Mr. Right”

Reading For You

$600 Basic Fee which cover all of the following, only based on your birthdate and time (mandatory).

This fee does not cover reading for your partner.

  1. 1.To read your own chart for Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours to reveal your partner/spouse.

  2. 2.Your Spouse profile and this is read from your chart date of birth and time. This is 100% accurate and will allow you to really know who he is and not after 30 dates to discover the wrong parter in your life. This is a 3 pages detail of your spouse profile.

  3. 3.When you will get married. All years will be provided and the best and worse years for a relationship.

  4. 4.Birth Year and Birth Month of your partner for a quick check on your partner you are dating or intent to date and this is a 70% accurate as it is based on compatibility of profiles.

  5. 5.When you will have children in your marriage. ( Number of children is not provided because with miscarriages , second marriages and abortions has skewed the readings.)

  6. 6.A brief reading if your children will be filial and how they will relate to you . A quick profile is also read off your charts , but their destiny is not been able to be read off your chart and has to come from your children’s birthdate.

  7. 7.The time line of your relationship journey and how to prepare for all eventualities and how to over come them with your actions and behaviours

Reading for your Partner

$200 Basic Fee to read each of your selected partner and will need his date of birth and time (if time is not provided, David Forrest will not read).

Will read for your selected partner the following:

  1. 1.Does he has the profile which threads into your life and destiny and will give you a 85% chances of a successful relationship. His profile like yours will be completely revealed. Remember you reading will reveal your partner profile and he has to be Mr Right , with his profile threaded into yours and this is the fundamentals of good relationships.

  2. 2.When will he will get married and is his timing similar to yours.

  3. 3.His career path will also be revealed , as his success is also important for you to understand his "Ten Years Life Path", to be able to sustain the relationship in good and weak periods of his career. This is a an additional service and is very helpful to understand him and what he may go through in his career and helps in your understanding in bonding with him.

  4. 4.Will he remain faithful and when can relationship go awry. Why this will be provided?

Remember a good marriage will always have some issues and David Forrest will advise you when and how you can overcome them, as these are small disturbances which needs to be understood and managed in your relationship. To be ignorant of such issues is to be naive and not realistic.

David Forrest will call you for a 30 mins phone chat before he meets you and please provide your mobile number when you make an appointment.

Date of Birth and Time for both you and your partner is mandatory.

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David Forrest has described her partner and also when she will marry 2007 or 2013.

This is an example of your Bazi Chart for the lady sample I have chosen born on 14th June 1978 at 3.30 pm.

This is her partner/soul mate Bazi chart which is best matched and her Mr Right for the best threading into her life for all years of their marriage.

The above sample is for the lady born on 14th June 1976 ( time is not required)

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