“The David Forrest Experience”

David Forrest with 15 years in the studies of Chinese astrology - Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu - will reveal from your birth charts, very clear and definitive answers to all your doubts and uncertainties to relationships, career choices and business.

David Forrest is ONLY solution driven.

Thousands who have consulted David have experienced their life-changing experiences...

Are YOU at a crossroad in your

Relationships, Career Choice or Business?

and are you undecided as to what’s happening next in your life?


Ten Years Life Path

is the 2nd Secret to your Career , Wealth and Relationship Success because Chinese astrology is fastidious this must be considered in your reading. Without reading your 10 Years Life Path is a futile attempt to read your destiny with Chinese astrology.

David Forrest has developed an empirical formula to show your graphic “Ten Years Life Path”. David Forrest can plot your empirical “Ten Years Life Path” which will show the changes in your directions and luck during each “Ten Years Life Path” understand whats next and for David Forrest to reveal and discuss Secret 3...

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Relationships Cross Road

David has all your answers to these questions:

  1. Who is my soul mate and partner? A 2-page written report will reveal who is the most compatible partner. This is written in your birthdate. Amazingly accurate and has helped thousands of clients to prepare for the right choice of their partner.

  2. When will you get married? Why are you not married? What is stopping this marriage? What happens if your current relationship will face a rocky future and how to avoid this situation.

  3. Why has your partner’s attitude towards you suddenly changed? David will also read for your partner, if you provide birthdate and time.

David Forrest has all the answers to these questions, He will give you a clear reading for all the above and much more and will also answer every question on your mind about your relationships.

Career Cross Road

David has been so successful in guiding and advising all his clients on career choices because he has a proprietary skill which he calls his “3 Secrets”, researched and studied from Chinese astrology of Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu.

David will have your personalized “3 Secrets” report written for your choice of career, explaining his reasons for this career choice.

Many have benefited from this special consultancy and explains why David is so successful with career choices reading and guidance.

David will answer all questions, such as:

  1. Why I do not like my current career?

  2. When will I get promoted, and earn more money?

  3. How can I train myself for a better career of my choice and what is this career?

  4. Which career fraternity is best for me?

  5. What special skills do I need to improve my career growth?

  6. How do I work with my boss and colleagues?

David Forrest provides clear directions on all your crossroad questions based on Chinese astrology Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu

All readings are well-researched for several hours before the meeting and are not an ad-hoc, instant review of your future. David will also answer any questions (clients are asked to prepare questions in advance) and will respond by email after the session for a period of 30 days.

David is a summa cum laude in Bio Genetics and has an MBA. He has been in his own business for 42 years and is a management consultant.

David Forrest provides clear directions on all your crossroad questions based on Chinese astrology - Bazi & Zi Wei Dou Shu - and his own personal experiences in management and case studies with thousands of his clients.

Unlock your Destiny with David Forrest

Why Waste Your Time Attending Classes to Learn Chinese Astrology and Numerology? David Forrest will reveal your “3 Secrets” for you with total clarity and you can immediately start off on your own goals, tasks and action to your success.

Learn in ONE MEETING with David Forrest

your complete, personalized “3 Secrets” to

Career, Relationship, Wealth, Lifestyle and Business Success!

What are David Forrest’s “3 Secrets” ?

Combining Bazi & Zi Wei Dou Shu, 5000 year-old Chinese studies in destiny, David Forrest will reveal your “3 Secrets” in a 12-page written report.

This is the first time in astrology reading a detailed reading of this nature has been reported and only in 3 hours with David Forrest.

You will get what a 5 days motivational workshops cannot even begin to get your started.

Ask anyone who has attended a 5-day motivational workshop and paid thousands of dollars if they have even begun to understand what next to action in their career and relationships.95% of all participants attending motivation workshops end up more lost than when they started.


Unless these workshops can reveal Secret 1 and 2 which are David’s proprietary skills, there is no way anyone can benefit from these motivation workshops. These workshops are procedural courses, and CANNOT tell you why, what and how, only with your 3 Secrets revealed can you starts to make this change.

Thousands who have consulted David have experienced a life-changing experiences based on his proprietary 3 Secrets from Chinese astrology

David Forrest guarantees that he will give you the solution OR your money back. You are the final judge of the solution: either you are happy with the answers and guidance, or it is your money back.

It is that simple... What do you have to lose?

No one else can make this claim.

Combining all “3 Secrets” and especially, your “Ten Years Life Path” which is also revealed by your birthdate, David Forrest has the remarkable ability to bring for the first time, a composition of extraordinary services which can change your life and explore your strength for total happiness in your career, relationships, business, health and overall wellness.

David Forrest’s 12-page personalized report will focus on the following:

  1. Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours.

  2. Relationship crossroad & a detailed description of your partner.

  3. Personal Mentoring with Key Behaviours which needs to be changed.

  4. Business Mentoring.

  5. Life Coaching and essential performance skills which are crucial for you to learn and practice. David will tell you these new skills and how to learn this skills.

  6. Choices of Career and Career Guidance.

Your 3rd Secret Revealed

No “perhaps”, and no meaningless open-ended dialogue. A meeting with David Forrest is solution-driven and thousands have experienced this with renewed success in their life.

Knowing is wisdom.

David will reveal your “3rd Secrets” during the 3 hours meeting session which will enable you to know perhaps for the first time in your entire life the goals , task and action which has been missing and why you are not achieving the success you deserve.

This is the start of your ability to set directions for your Career and Wealth, realistic goals, tasks and powerful execution action . You will experience total clarity and a strong feeling of taking control of your actions.

Now, fully informed of your 3 Secrets, which are unique specifically to you, David will be able to:

  1. 1.Reveal your personal Core Competencies which will become your personal driving force in goals and task related to Career , Wealth and Relationships.

  2. 2.Focus on long-term positive behaviour changes for maximum potential growth.

David graduated cum laude in Biochemistry and has an Executive MBA. He has been in his own businesses for 40 years while simultaneously consulting for other businesses and professionals using Chinese Astrology and his lifetime learnt Management Practices.

David Forrest is an entrepreneur who has re-invented himself, and he brings all his 40 years of business experience to Chinese astrology.

David is intensely solution driven and your reading will be written in simple everyday English, no jargon and confusing mystery about Chinese astrology and most definitely no recommendations to buy jade and amulets which are commercialization of Chinese astrology for ignorant reading by Feng Shui “so called” masters.

Now, for the first time, Chinese Astrology, Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu are combined and interwoven into David Forrest’s 21st century business principles to reveal and guide your success path in career, business and relationships.

Your 3 hours meeting with David Forrest will have a closure with solution given to you and not simply asking you to figure out your own solutions in a 5-days workshop.

This meeting, will be your most rewarding experience and finest hour since birth, because after you meeting with David Forrest a true sense of a meaningful and definitive future will be presented to you which become a blueprint  template for your action to build your success.

You can start on your new career/business and relationship journey within the same week after your meeting with David and all your plans and goals will now be clear.

Practice Practice Practice and become fiercely accountable for your actions will be your success. You will have a new refreshing sense of clarity and definitive future of what next to do and not waste your time figuring what is next for you to action. David gives you the solution and you work on the task and get your own results and is all written in your 3 Secrets.

NEVER HAVE SO MANY (thousands of people) GAINED SO MUCH (their definitive futures, goals and tasks) WITH SO LITTLE (just 3 hours of their time).

This will be your finest hour with David Forrest...

"Never in the field of human conflict
was so much owed by so many to so few."

- Winston Churchill, 18th June 1940, World War II


Traditional Chinese Astrologists will use only Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu, David Forrest combines them for the most accurate “Ten Years Life Path”. He has in 15 years, read and plotted birth dates for thousands of “Ten Years Life Path”, and has never been wrong in plotting these “Ten Years Life Path” graphs, and his clients have all benefited from their empirical drawn "Ten Years Life Path".

30% of the world’s population has special charts and David Forrest has developed his skills to read these special charts which changes the patterns of your “Ten Years Life Path”. Most Chinese astrologists cannot tell the difference between an ordinary or special chart.

Most readers do not know how to read special charts, as it is a special skill to be able to read them. They are called “Follow The Leaders” and “Follow The Prosperous” and make a big difference to your “Ten Years Life Path”.

Only Bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu can indicate these “Ten Years Life Path”. and is an Index of your Happiness and Success from a combination of influences in your life during these ten years.

There will be weak “Ten Years Life Path” in everyone’s life, changes will be needed in your behaviour or even skills, and how to make it work for you.

The strongest Ten Years, David will advise on your action and how you can take your best years and make them excellent.

A Good “Ten Years Life Path” is always associated with:

  1. Successful career.

  2. Wealth Creation.

  3. Great Mojo, which is a happiness exuding from inside to outside of your personality and there is a magnetism in your walk, talk and is an energized demeanor.

  4. Good Relationships with Peers and Co Workers/Bosses.

  5. Successful Marriage.

  6. Acquire Assets.

  7. Unprecedented Support from bankers, mentors and advisors.

  8. Reputation and Fame.

  9. Excellent clients,bosses,mentors support for you in growing your career , wealth and overall happiness.

The success of David Forrest is to also guide you during weak “Ten Years Life Path”, with definitive solutions and new goals to overcome these stressful and crossroad years.

During these weak “Ten Years Life Path”, there will be good years and this is when preservation and the right goals and discipline will take you through this weak “Ten Years Life Path”, it will pass , and good luck will come back.

Let David Forrest take you on your  NEW JOURNEY, revealing your Core Competencies, Values, Beliefs and Behaviours and “Ten Years Life Path”,, to provide you with the solutions,goals , task with the “when” and “how” to fast forward to a successful life.